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Learn about what's really happening to the world. Get prepared. Make smarter investments.


Gain the insights, advice and training to make the smartest investments.

Trusted insights

Receive insights of what's really going on in the world. All current events are not random and "uncertain" but part of greater shifts that can be measured and understood.

Strategic advice

Make decisions that are aligned with the new earth that's emerging, with advice tailored to your specific mission and role.

C-suite training

Train your top personnel to accommodate for the shifts of your organisation. Make sure they're strengthening your mission.

WHo am i

I have been deep in the creation of the new earth for years, persuing international projects scheduled for decades from now.

I continually develop comprehensive expertise and scientific understandings of the real forces behind social and economic change. The story that society has been sold about the world is far from the truth. I have focused my life on uncovering the real story and building from Truth. The people who are drawn to work with me are truth-seekers and pioneers in their field.


Future-proofing investments:
A 360° approach.

Begin by cultivating a new perspective through which you see your life, investments, and the world you are co-creating.

  • 1 on 1 sessions tailored to your personal mission
  • Key insight sharing
  • Advanced knowledge training and paradigm shift initiation
  • Getting up to speed with the changing earth

An investment's biggest vulnerability is internal sabotage. The next step is to safeguard the future you're building.

  • Realize that external success is a reflection of the world within. All external "problems" that happen to a company are attracted by the psychology of its decision-makers and contributors
  • Receive advanced analysis of the likelihood of long-term success of an investment through in-depth psychological due diligence
  • Move to the next level with thorough interviewing and testing of company leadership

Next, we analyze: does the company align with the conditions of the new earth?

  • A company that is successful now may not be effective in the new earth. The inverse is also true.
  • Alignment will determine whether it will fail or succeed.
  • Current KPIs are only helpful short term. To safeguard in the long term, new KPIs will be developed based on the alignment fit in the new earth.

Having passed due diligence and alignment analysis, consider having a team you're investing in undergo internal coherence training. Create lasting, self improving teams where optimal human potential is captured.

  • Advanced psychometric evaluations based in state-of-the-art tests
  • 30 culture indicators to measure coherence, synergy, and optimal flow
  • Full debriefing to inform how each person and team can perform at their best

Having completed all previous steps, a company now learns the most advanced methods and practices to increase their daily collective creation.

  • Accelerate growth and bring the vision closer
  • Ensure full commitment of each member to the vision
  • Explore the most effective ways to increase long term impact and success
Words of Praise

“It was a no brainer to invite Oliver to be a part of Nakamoto's Den, in Limassol, Cyprus, to deliver a very enlightening and interesting Key-Note which revealed insights into what the future may behold for us all. Oliver is an extremely bright and passionate young individual, that shares a common vision of making this world a better place”

“[To] shed some light on how Oliver works: When he had points that I disagreed with he was patient and made his point over days of working with me until I finally realized he was spot on.”

“I had the pleasure of seeing [Oliver] present at a blockchain conference.
He commanded the stage in a subtle and understated way. He has a rare ability, that I’ve only ever seen with the likes of comedian Eddie Izzard and rockstar Robbie Williams, which is to make a room/auditorium/grandstand of hundreds/thousands of people feel like he is speaking to them individually in their lounge. As well as being confident, credible and likeable, he has an infectious optimism for the future.”


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