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Expanded Vision

A future with great balance, awareness and love is in sight. That we get there is not the question, how we do is. I focus on putting the pieces in place for the path of the highest timeline.

Coordinated Unfolding

To arrive at a unified global society, agents of change must unite and coordinate their actions. The orchestra of transition involves cohesive efforts that supplement one another dynamically.

Unified Action

Together, we unite, align, and act with one intention in our hearts: create an evolved Earth where abundance is the shared reality.

WHo am i

I'm a Futurist. Not the kind who predicts, the kind who creates what I want to see.

The dystopian futurist predicts based on the crumbling timeline. I focus on the new emerging light that phases out the old thinking. The future I perceive occurs as a natural evolution, in which we all prosper in the abundance of Earth. The people who are drawn to work with me are visionary creators, pioneers, leaders, systems designers, and new-paradigm entrepreneurs, all sharing an enthusiasm for the future we are co-creating.

My focal points

Where I direct my attention

What would you create in the world if the only limit to its manifestation was its alignment with your heart's desire?
All my creations are focused on bridging today's society to one of greater consciousness, integrity, and harmony. I focus my creative lens on developing the following areas:

  • Co-creating a global operating Operating System for coordinated transition.
  • Connecting with organizations and people aligned in vision.
  • Abundance Economics company models that serve society.
  • Researching and learning about models of social change and expansion of consciousness.

I host and participate in expansive discussions and think tanks. Here are some of my favorite topics:

  • Incentivising system change through magnetic approaches.
  • The science of reality: how it works, how we co-create it.
  • Living a life in flowful alignment while embracing your intuitive knowing.
  • Future vision and possibility.

I train awakening leaders to own their true power as sovereign light bringers, emphasising the following:

  • Expanding into intuitive awareness and higher guidance.
  • Releasing ego-identity and pseudo-purpose.
  • Effective execution to create results of integrity.
  • Leading from compassion and unity consciousness.

As most people on the path to spiritual awakening, I've partaken in a continual healing and expansion process that I now choose to share with others. I do this by:

  • Creating guided meditations and video content.
  • Sharing insightful tools and processes with my circles.
  • Living a life in inspiration and gratitude for the gifts in every moment.

When the occasions arise, I welcome public speaking as an opportunity to share what is contextually ripe and leave people inspired by life.
I have previously done this as:

  • Keynote speaker.
  • Guest lecturer.
  • Event facilitator.
Find Out the Details

To learn more about my projects and current focus, reach out to me directly

Words of Praise

“It was a no brainer to invite Oliver to be a part of Nakamoto's Den, in Limassol, Cyprus, to deliver a very enlightening and interesting Key-Note which revealed insights into what the future may behold for us all. Oliver is an extremely bright and passionate young individual, that shares a common vision of making this world a better place”

“[To] shed some light on how Oliver works: When he had points that I disagreed with he was patient and made his point over days of working with me until I finally realized he was spot on.”

“I had the pleasure of seeing [Oliver] present at a blockchain conference.
He commanded the stage in a subtle and understated way. He has a rare ability, that I’ve only ever seen with the likes of comedian Eddie Izzard and rockstar Robbie Williams, which is to make a room/auditorium/grandstand of hundreds/thousands of people feel like he is speaking to them individually in their lounge. As well as being confident, credible and likeable, he has an infectious optimism for the future.”


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